Is this hypocritical on the part of the government
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Are morals simply a society's way of defining right and wrong conduct? Explain. How can police organizations ensure their current, as well as potential, employees possess the proper level of good.


Do you believe that the public has little regard for laws concerning gambling and prostitution - especially since gambling, in one form or another, is legal in every state, and prostitution is legal in Nevada?

What positive, or negative, effects on society can you identify? Is this hypocritical on the part of the government? Explain how it is, or is not, hypocritical.morals and values?

Topic 1: Evidence Recovery

What type of evidence can be recovered from the body, either dead or alive? Be sure to provide an answer not already supplied by your classmates.

Topic 2: Blood Stain Evidence

List three general rules regarding blood stain evidence.

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