Is there asymmetrical information inherent in this contrac

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A landlord owns a number of rental properties and wants to hire a property manager to do general maintenance. The landlord decided on a predetermined amount that he is willing to pay for property management services. The amount the landlord is willing to pay is below current market value. After interviewing multiple candidates, the job is accepted by a contractor.

1. Is there asymmetrical information inherent in this contract?

2. Is there adverse selection consequences inherent in the contract?

3. How can the two parties reduce the asymmetrical information problem inherent in this contract?

Reference no: EM132281179

Control aspects of speed and delivery of content

Currently, there are questions over whether it is permissible for ISP's (major U.S. providers include Comcast, Verizon and AT & T) to control aspects of speed and delivery of

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Go to (Links to an external site.), (Links to an external site.), or any other streaming site you have access to. Find episodes of the show "Shark Tank".

Activities the overhead of using the services

While the staff agree and can see how the new untethered access to business data and services can help in their day to day activities the overhead of using the services due to

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Identify one network hardware component that either; your network uses, a network you have access to uses or failing that a network component that you are interested in.

Find the potential distribution in the pipe

Consider a grounded rectangular pipe with the cross section shown in Fig. 2.24. Assuming that the pipe is partially filled with hydrocarbons with charge density ρo, apply th

Does http have any session-layer features

In Chapter 1, we mentioned that the TCP/IP suite, unlike the OSI model, has no session layer. But an application-layer protocol can include some of the features defined in t

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Prepare a Proposal Outline on "Relational Database" and provide a narrative analysis of the customer and user needs by defining the customers and users as well as describing t

Draw a schematic for a 4-bit register with parallel inputs

When the complement signal is asserted, the register contents will be replaced by its twos complement. You can assume that COMPLEMENT will be asserted for a number of cycles


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