Is the lighting in the rooms adequate

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Inspection Checklist

Ergonomic hazards

Is any employee experiencing vision hazards in the process of doing their job?

Is the lighting in the rooms adequate?

Does the noise from the construction site have an impact on your concentration?

Do any of the workers in the organization experience the pinch points?

Is all the furniture in the room adjusted, arranged or aligned in such a way to help minimize the body strains?

Is there any need of introducing the use of the anti-fatigue mats?

Are all the machines placed and positioned in such a way that tasks can be handled effectively?

Musculoskeletal and/or cumulative trauma disorder

Is there any of the workers in the organization suffering from the hearing loss?

Have any of the employees suffered from the back disorders?

Are tendon disorders being experienced here?

Is there any of the employees in the organization that is experiencing poor vision?

Is De Quervain's disease common at the workplace?

Are there cases of trigger fingers in the organization lately?

Excessive lifting tasks

Are unnecessary travels distances eliminated when moving materials?

Are unnecessary motion or lifting activities eliminated when moving

Have the organization provided the employees with the lifting aids?

Do the employees use the lifting weights as stipulated?

Areas of excessive temperature

Is there an Ultimate Direction AK Race Vest in the room?

Are there fans to regulate the temperatures at the working surfaces?

Is there clean and safe water that the employees can take or are the employees offered some drinks at the workplace?

Is it possible for the windows in the room easily open able?

Is it essential to have a Platypus Platy Water Tank at the work surfaces?


Continuing on with the inspection checklist created in Unit V, expand on the inspection checklist, and include considerations for the following:

1. Fire hazards and other issues of life safety

2. This area should include items such as existing fire systems, recommendations for any new systems, fire hazards (including the storage of flammable items and/or materials), emergency lighting, illuminated exit signs, and means of egress

3. The need for any industrial hygiene testing for lighting, noise, vibration, or any other similar hazard

4. The identification of any confined spaces or permit-required confined spaces

5. Is there a written program?

6. Are there permits available?

7. Is there a need for industrial hygiene testing?

8. Computers, automation of processes and/or machinery, and/or the use of robotics

Your inspection checklist should consist of at least two pages. Please be sure to cite all sources used.

Reference no: EM131110598

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