Investments is measured on the current or capital account

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In terms of evaluating goods, services, and assets that are traded between countries throughout the world, the overall measurement of these activities is expressed as the balance of payments. The largest component of a country's balance of payments is typically its balance of trade, which can operate as a surplus or deficit. Foreign investment, transfer payments, and income on investments is measured on the current or capital account.

3.) In the international environment, it is apparent that China is making large investments in the global financial markets in their shift away from exports. Is there a connection between China's exports and its financial investments in other countries? Your answer should mention China's current financial account. 
Write a 500-word paper answering the question in Step 3.

Incorporate a minimum of three sources in addition to the text in this assignment for a total of four sources. Your sources may include scholarly sources, credible newspapers, trade journals, or websites. 
7. Use APA formatting for your paper and citations. 

Reference no: EM13761929

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