Investigating possible vulnerabilities of microsoft iis

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Case Project: Investigating Possible Vulnerabilities of Microsoft IIS 6.0

Carrell Jackson, the Web developer for Alexander Rocco Corporation, has informed you that Microsoft 115 6.0 is used for the company's Web site. He's proud of the direction the Web site is taking and says it has more than 1000 hits per week. Customers can reserve hotel rooms, schedule tee times for golf courses, and make reservations at any of the facility's many restaurants. Customers can enter their credit card information and receive confirmations via e-mail.

Based on this information, write a memo to Mr. Jackson listing any technical cyber security alerts or known vulnerabilities of 115 6.0. If you find vulnerabilities, your memo should include recommendations and be written in a way that doesn't generate fear or uncertainty but encourages prudent decision making.

Reference no: EM13949664

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