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For this question, please take as your starting point the quotation on page 1 of the case that starts -Wal-Mart is believed to have one of the most efficient supply chains in the retail world- and ends -... to continue to stay ahead of competitors?-. Answer all of the following questions with the two questions posed in that paragraph as your starting point. Note that the words issues, objectives, and analysis are taken from the Case Method

Part 1 
Identify three -issues- you would investigate. 

Part 2 
Suggest five objectives (key result areas) against which you would be able to evaluate any recommendations you made to either retain the current strategy or change it in a particular direction. 

Part 3 
Select two analytical techniques associated with operations management that can each be used to investigate one or more of the issues you identified in Part 1. Use the material supplied in the case to carry out analyses using each of those two techniques. State any assumptions you have made in carrying out your analyses. 

Part 4 
Explain what you have learnt from carrying out the analysis. (Note: If your analysis has generated recommendations please set them out here, but it is not a requirement of this question that you use techniques that enable you to generate recommendations.) 

Part 5 
Give a brief indication of the next piece of analysis you would undertake in order to build on the work you carried out in Part 3.

Reference no: EM13136951

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