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I want an introduction with underlined thesis that include three point (Topic (T) + judgement (j) + three Focus (F) ) underlined. so the three point explained by three body paragraphs. The only source to use should be the PDF that I have just sent, so NO COPY and PAST from internet

I do not want internet or any external source please last time there was copy past and plagiarism, and I have hot ZERO, I warn you to be away from copy and past please. Since this is NOT a research essay, I do NOT want you to merely copy the ideas of the research you have done - it must still be an in-depth analysis of the text(s).

If you do use external research, you must be very, very careful with citation and works cited. I will still be on the lookout for plagiarism.

If you DO use external research, it must be from a scholarly source. And ALL essays must be linked to one or more primary texts that we used in this class: i.e., you cannot write an essay on Julius Caesar because he is NOT the topic of any of our writings (although JC may appear in an essay, if handled well, as perhaps an illustration or to show context).

I want you to THINK THROUGH a primary text deeply, interpret and reflect upon it. I want CLOSE ANALYSIS of one or more primary texts. I want a strong thesis. I want a solid structure (outline).

I want original independent ideas. That means merely repeating what we discussed in class will NOT give you high points in the 'original, independent ideas' part of the rubric.

I also don't want just a summary of a primary text - that won't get you many points for 'independent original ideas,' will it?

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Reference no: EM13871695

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