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Change Management - Driver Only Operations

Dear Safe 20002 Consulting, I am the Director, Risk and Safety for Railway. We are a medium sized rail operator (15 locomotives - 90 drivers) that provides freight transport between Adelaide and Melbourne. We currently are in the process of acquiring additional locomotives, and rather than train new drivers we plan to change from current two-driver operations to driver only operations. This means that instead of having two trained drivers in the locomotive, who rotate through the driving task, we will only have one driver on board at any one time.

Obviously, this is a significant change, and we require your services to develop a change management plan that outlines the key activities we will need to undertake in order to ensure safe and efficient transfer to the new driver only operations. In short, we request:

1. Brief Introduction to the key concepts of Change Management.

2. A "desktop" review of potential barriers and safety concerns

3. A Change Management Plan for the organization

Once you have had the opportunity to review this brief, and commence preliminary work, please make sure you get in touch to discuss any questions you might have.

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Reference no: EM13748162

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