Introduction to the hfi suite of methodologies

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Human Factors Integration - Fatigue Detection Technology

I am the Director, Risk and Safety for ABC Transport. Our company works with others across the supply chain, servicing on a contractual basis clients with our fleet of 20 B- Double Vehicles.

As part of our ongoing fatigue management program for our drivers, we are considering the acquisition of Optalert glasses for all our drivers.

As this represents a high-cost acquisition, it has been suggested by external colleague that we should undertake a Human Factors Integration (HFI) project.

As I understand you to be a leading Human Factors consulting group, I would like to engage your services for this project. In short, we would like a Human Factors Integration (HFI) plan undertaken with respect to the integration and use of Optalert in our operations.

We would like your report structured in the following sections, and no more than 2500 words:

1. Brief Introduction to the HFI suite of methodologies

2. A proposed "simplified HFI" process for our project

3. Completed HFIPlan

4. Recommendations for safety enhancement

Once you have had the opportunity to review this brief, and commence preliminary work, please make sure you get in touch to discuss any questions you might have.

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Reference no: EM13725433

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