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Topic:Introduction to organisations and management


A mind map is a visual representation of knowledge. The central point in the map should be a chosen company which you will discuss and represent in the mind map in relation to two of the following:

- Motivation,
- Leadership style or
- Teamwork.

The map will demonstrate your knowledge of the maximum of three theories related to these concepts. This mind map will form the basis of your plan for the second part of your assessment (the 2000 word report).

The mind map will draw on the ideas and teaching up to week 6. The map should communicate how the theories reviewed relate to the company chosen and the organisational factors identified.

You may want to use this free software to build your map: MindGenius or MindView which is available to all students on all campus PC's and via VMWare. You can export the map to PDF format.

The map should fit one A4 page and display references on a separate page following the ARU/Harvard referencing guide.

The assignment (report) should build on the company information you provided in the mind map. You will be required to identify the main issues that have arisen, for example, company structure, leadership and management, culture and power if appropriate and/or relevant to the company. This report must use appropriate organisational and management theory and should demonstrate the issues and recommendations for implementing change.

The assignment (report) should have three main sections:

1. Introduction (300 words approximately): Very brief introduction to the company. Outline of the objective of the report with justification for the choice of issues to be analysed.

2. Analysis (1,200 words approximately): Evaluate issues in the company, including structure, leadership, culture and teamwork. There must be clear reference (citation) to theory and to your research on the company (examples, evidence).

3. Conclusions and recommendations (500 words approximately): Summarise the analysis, discuss how the issues identified in the analysis are related and identify recommendations for change.

The report should also include a coherent Table of Contents (with numbered sections and sub-sections and the respective page numbers) and the List of References.

The allocation of words per section is indicative but overall you need to respect the 2,000 word limit. In line with the Academic Regulations 7th Edition (pp. 62-63), the word count limit excludes indented quotations (of no more than 50 words), tables, figures, diagrams, footnotes and endnotes and the list of references.

The company for the report that I have chosen is Lycamobile so please use it as the company for the report. Please also link Belbin's Teamwork Theory, Maslow's Theory and the Expectancy Theory.

No# of Pages:8 pages (2,000 words)

Paper Style:Harvard

No# of Sources Required:10

Reference no: EM13993349

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