Interview questions for a woman leader

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Interview questions for a woman leader


1) When did you step into your leadership role?

2) How would you describe the organization that you work in? Please include information about the size of the organization, how many members are on the executive team, number of people you directly supervise, etc.

3) How would you describe the culture of the organization?

4) As the leader, what were your responsibilities?

5) How have these responsibilities changed over time?

6) How would you describe your leadership style?

7) In your opinion, what is the most important characteristic, trait, behavior, and/or skill a leader can possess?

8) In your opinion, what makes an effective leader? And an ineffective leader?

9) If applicable, please describe a former leader of yours who has been a positive influence on your leadership style. Why were you influenced by them?

10) As a women leader, have you experienced any difficulties leading? Are there any gender biases you've noticed within the organization or in the community? Have you had any barriers, including but not limited to; prejudices, stereotypes, preconceptions, lack of support, etc. that have limited your progress?

11) Describe the steps you've taken to get into a leadership position.

12) What has been your biggest challenge as a leader?

13) What has been your greatest achievement as a leader?

14) From your experiences as leader, what advice would you give to an emerging woman leader?

15) Is there anything else you would like to share that hasn't been addressed in the interview?

Reference no: EM1342038

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