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Question 1: E-Recruiting

Today's HRMs more so than ever before are relying on e-recruiting techniques. What qualities of electronic recruiting do you think contribute to the rise in this practice? Please be sure to explain your opinions. You always want to support your arguments with logic and citations from sound research sources.


Question 2: Internal vs External Recruiting

To respond to this topic, you first want to define and discuss INTERNAL vs. EXTERNAL recruitment practices. You want to demonstrate your understanding of the pros and cons of each approach. Include in you discussion an example of a situation in which each of these approaches might be particularly effective. Be sure to conduct independent research and include an expert's ideas (with proper citations) to support your argument.

Question 3: What haven't we focused on? (Everyone responds)

There is a wealth of information available in our texts, isn't there? I cannot possibly ask you questions about every topic and concept - but I want to make sure you know the material. For example, we didn't talk about INTERVIEWS and the various interviewing techniques an HRM can use. Then, there are the important topics of NEGOTIATING with and PLACING employees, once they have been hired!

For this last topic, I would ask you to select one of the topics above or a topic that sparked your interest this week and summarize your understanding about the topic. I would like to see at least two paragraphs in which you explain your understanding about any aspect of the employee recruitment and selection processes issues or techniques. Conduct outside/independent research and include your sources. You get to choose your focus.

Reference no: EM131387543

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