Internal audit''s role in risk management
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Write a paper on Topic: Internal Audit's role in risk management
Length 5 page plus 15 minutes PowerPoint slides.
It should be critically written as the  paper is for a graduate class.Case studies and examples must be used. Proper references must be cited.
Words Limit: 1400-1500
Power Point Presentation: 7-8 Slides

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The report has been created in an APA format and contains information about internal auditing and the role that it plays in organisation risk management. The second part of the assignment is a presentation that discusses the role of internal auditing in risk management by referring to various images.

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The internal audit of a company can be defined as a process in which the management examines monitors and analyzes the activities related to its work operations, such as its business structure, behavior of employees and information systems. The basic motive behind conducting an internal audit is to identify the potential threats to the health of the organization and its profitability, so that it can make appropriate suggestion to mitigate the risk associated with the threats that have been identified.

The internal audit adds value to the working of an organization by providing a systematic approach towards evaluating and improving the risk management, control and government processes. The three basic processes involved in internal auditing are:

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