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Interest Rate Parity

The nominal yield on 6-month T-bills is 7%, while default-free Japanese bonds that mature in 6 months have a nominal rate of 4.5%. In the spot exchange market, 1 yen equals $0.008. If interest rate parity holds, what is the 6-month forward exchange rate? Round the answer to five decimal places.

Reference no: EM131190173

Sales are expected to remain relatively constant

Martin’s Yachts has paid annual dividends of $1.40, $1.75, and $2.00 a share over the past three years, respectively. The company now predicts that it will maintain a constant

The most recent dividend per share paid on the stock

Finding the Dividend. Gontier Corporation stock currently sells for $64.13 per share. The market requires an 11 percent return on the firm's stock. If the company maintains a

To live comfortably in retirement

To live comfortably in retirement, you decide you will need to save $2 million by the time you are 65 (you are 30 years old today). You will start a new retirement savings acc

What is the total market value of the bonds

Debt: 8500 bonds, outstanding with a 7.2% coupon, $1000 par value, 25 years to maturity, current market yield is 5,82%, coupons made semi-annually. What is the total market va

What is the npv of an investment

What is the NPV of an investment that will cost us $10,000 right now and expects to have cash flows of $1,220 in 1 year, $3,000 in 2 years, and $9,000 in 3 years? Assume a req

Most of us intuitively understand that a dollar required

Most of us intuitively understand that a dollar required today does not have the same value as a dollar needed (or utilized) in the future. This is due to several factors incl

Change in net working capital should always be positive

Change in net working capital should always be positive. Free cash flow can never be negative. A negative cash flow to creditors indicates you must have paid off debt during t

What is the effective rate for three-month bills

Assume that 3-month Treasury bills totaling $32 billion were sold in $10,000 denominations at a discount rate of 6.650%. In addition, the Treasury Department sold 6-month bill


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