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INT 1010 Introduction to Information Technology - Prince Georges Community College

HTML Programming Assignment

HTML is programing language used to create web pages. As a part of INT 1010, it is important that all students have experience in developing code.


For this assignment you are required to develop a 3-page website using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). You need to choose what you will like to display on your website. The topic is up to you. The requirements for the assignment are as follows:

Each page must contain the following:
- Title, Heading, paragraph, image, link, background color (other than white) and text color (other than black)
In addition, the site must contain the following at least:
- 1 horizontal rule
- 1 external link


These are the tags you need to complete the requirement above.
<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title><body><h1 - h6><p><imgsrc><a href>

Storyboarding (optional)- You may choose to create a storyboard to help you with designing your site. If you do want to create a storyboard, use the link below to get more information.

Why Storyboard a website?

1. It serves as an outline of the design approach.

2. It defines the elements that need to go on each page.

3. It shows the navigational architecture and information flow to the team and demonstrates how the pages are to work together to provide the user's interactive experience.

Attachment:- Introduction to Information Technology.rar

Reference no: EM132851612

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