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We are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of media messages on a daily basis. The mass media bombardes us with so many messages that we go into a state of automaticity.

We automatically filter through all the messages we see on T.V. hear on the radio, read in books, advertisments, the internet and so on. Within todays society poeple's minds enter a state unconscienceness as the filter through the media messages, and in doing so are harming themsemlves by not being able to gather the information they need from the media.

People become fatigued by all the information they are being bomabarded with through media messages. However people need to avoid becoming fatigued because they need to be able to access the information they need thru the media.

Furthermore, because we are bombarded with so many media messages people in todays society tend to have a false feeling of being informed. Just because people hear many messages from the media does not mean that they are adequatly informed from the media. Also, the media has the ability to promote faulty belifs in people, based on wrong information.

In conclusion, people in todays society need to be aware of the messages the media is sending them, and play an active role in seeking out the news instead of acting in a state of automaticityChapter two discusses the development of the mass media industries. The author suggests that their are consistent patterns of development that each media indusrty must go through.

The innovation stage of development is characterized by a technological innovation. For example, a motion picture camera is a technological innovation for film. This innovation is then marketed to the masses. During the penetration stage of development the mass media accepts the new technological innovation.

During the peak stage of development, the innovation commands the most attention from the audience. However, this peak will eventually decline as newer innovations begin to arise. However, some innovations adapt to meet the changeing demands of the audience.

For example, books, magazines, and newspapers are still around today because they adapted to meet the audiences needs. Today there are nine major mass media industries which include: book, newspaper, magazine, film, recording, radio, broadcast television, cable television, and computers

Reference no: EM13260843

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