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Task 1: Managing Change

Enacting change is difficult. The forces that create the need for change often bump up against equally powerful forces of resistance. Think of an organization with which you are familiar, perhaps one you have worked for or where you were a member and respond to the following:

Draft a post that identifies a change that needs to be made within the organization and conduct a force-field analysis. List and describe the forces driving the need for change, identify and describe forces resisting change, and select/develop a tactic to overcome barriers to change.

Task 2: Information Technology and the Changing Fabric of Organization

Zammuto et al. (2007) discuss the relationship between technology and organizations at a time when IT has become increasingly important. For this discussion please locate (and read) the Zammuto et al. (2007) article titled "Information Technology and the Changing Fabric of Organization" (see attached article)

To the best of your ability summarize and evaluate the article from the perspective of an organization for which you are familiar. (This post should be at least the equivalent of two to three double spaced pages.

This document inhibit:

 How would this change benefit business?

 How many people are in favor and how many against this change?

 How is the availability of time and resource?

 How much cost is involved?

 How would this change affect other business process?

 What are the risks involved?

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