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Please respond to statement with one paragraph.

A code of business ethics is essential. It provides the company and the individual with a standard set expectation. It explains what is important to the company, what values the company holds, what the company expects form their employees, and what the company expects to bring to their company. Having this code of ethics, it is letting the company and its consumers know that poor ethics, and poor quality are not acceptable.

I am sure many people believe that this is ridiculous to implement as people are just going to give one look at it and turn the other cheek. However, in order to have a successful business and to ensure returning customers, a code of ethics is a fundamental part to the business. Without this standard set of rules and expectations, the business would essentially fall apart.

In order to have an ethical business, the company should ensure that some key guidelines are met. A company should behave in a way that is honest, consistent, fair, and in the best interest of others (Business Ethics, 2004). A company that ensures that these attributes are the focus of the company will go far. As they instill these key elements into their practice they are not only guaranteeing continued costumer support. But they are ensuring that the company is ethically successful.

Reference no: EM131297023

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