Individual assignment-environmental scan and summary
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Individual Assignment: Environmental Scan and Summary

When conducting an environmental scan, it is most beneficial for Kudler to utilize both an internal environmental scan and an external environmental scan. In order to effectively conduct an internal environmental scan, it is most appropriate for Kudler to utilize a SWOT analysis in order to identify the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. In this capacity, if Kudler ultimately wants grow and further expand, it will certainly have to capitalize on its key strengths while overcoming its major weaknesses and threats. Additionally, Kudler should particularly focus on minimizing its operating expenses and costs in order to survive in today's highly competitive market and current economic recession.

When it comes to strengths, Kudler's product mix is solid. Kudler offers its customers fresh, high-quality food that has essentially given the company a reputable market presence within its markets (Kudler Fine Foods Web Site, 2007). As such, Kudler has been able to price its products accordingly. One of Kudler's primary weaknesses pertains to its inability to expand. Kudler has a restricted presence and is not recognized on a national level. This is largely due to the fact that company lacks in its overall resources, while its competition has more at their disposal. As far as opportunities are concerned, Kudler can certainly build upon its image and store recognition while expanding to new locations. Additionally, Kudler has the capacity to build upon its current product mix that offers quality products by offering more varieties to both the current and new locations. Kudler's threats derive from its strong competition. The industry in which Kudler operates in is comprised of large, nationally recognized food chains that have far greater resources (Kudler Fine Foods Web Site, 2007). Additionally, Kudler's target market is ever-changing in its desire and requirements for food

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