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The Motor Vehicle Repair Fund of Laramee County provides centralized repair for county-owned vehicles. For the following summarized transactions and events for the year ended June 30, provide the fund level entries in general journal form required to conform to generally accepted accounting principles. If no entry is needed, so indicate. 1) The Motor Vehicle Repair Fund ordered supplies at an estimated cost of $92,000. 2) The supplies ordered in (1) above were received at invoice costs of $91,400; these invoices were approved for payment. 3) Supplies costing $800 were used to repair a police car, and the Motor Vehicle Repair Fund billed to the General Fund at a mark-up of 20 percent on cost. 4) Expenses paid in cash during the year were: purchasing, $5,700; warehousing, $7,100; and general and administrative, $6,200.

Reference no: EM1310403

Best course of action from tax perspective

Tax professional to decide on the best course of action from a tax perspective on their issues. make a three page memo (at least 300 words per page) to John and Jane Smith a

Financial reporting and tax purposes

Maine Company reported a pretax operating loss of $150,000 for financial reporting and tax purposes in 2012. The enacted tax rate is 40% for 2012 and subsequent years.

Income statement of ohio corp

Ohio Corp. reported a deferred tax liability of $6,000,000 for the year ended December 31, 2012, when the tax rate was 40%. Income tax expense reported by Ohio on its year end

Five biggest concerns regarding risk

You're an IT auditor working for $15 million sales per year speciality chocolate candy manufacturer. The company is planning to engage in e-commerce over Internet. What woul

Fund balance of capital projects fund

Supposing the county has incurred $800,000 of construction costs on the project by end of its fiscal year (June 30,20x5), the fund balance of capital projects fund employed

Case study of first chance casino

The First Chance Casino has a gambling facilities, bar, restaurant, and hotel. All employees are permited to obtain food from the restaurant at no charge throughtout working

Tax consequences of incorporation

Write down a memo to Stacey describing the tax consequences of incorporation. As part of your memo analyze the possibility of having the corporation issue common and preferre

Determining the cash flow by using current system

What is the Year 3 cash flow if Brisbane keeps using its current system? What is the Year 3 cash flow if Brisbane replaces its current system? supposing the discount rate of 8


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