Independent-related samples t-test

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Create a real-world situation or problem that could be addressed using an independent- or related-samples t test. Create this situation or problem, that clearly identify the independent and dependent variables to study; explain whether an independent-samples or related samples t test is most appropriate and why; generate the statistical null and alternative hypotheses; describe what information the effect size would tell that the probability value would not tell; using realistic numbers for values of degrees of freedom; sample size, and t statistic, create hypothetical results.

Reference no: EM13107137

Name the variable of interest

The faculty members at Boise State University were surveyed on the question "How satisfied were you with the Summer 2002 Schedule?" Their responses were to be categorized as

Rationale for nationalism and imperialism

Nationalism, imperialism, and colonialism in reference to the British Empire in the 19th Century. How did the same underlying ideas drive attitudes and events in the United

Write equation of model for as a function of type of firm

Buy-side versus sell-side analysts' earnings forecasts.- Write the equation of the model for E(y) as a function of type of firm.- Interpret the value of β0 in the model, part

Chi square test of independence and test for goodness

In a sample of 64 patients, suppose that 47 showed allergic reduced reaction and 17 show increased reaction. Are these results sufficient to conclude a significant effect?

Create forecast using trend model or judgment forecast

Which trend model is best, and why? If none is satisfactory, explain. (e) Make a forecast for 2003, using a trend model of your choice or a judgment forecast.

Perform a 2-sample t-test

Perform a 2-sample t-test to see if the population male and female average salaries could be equal to each other -  Since the one and two sample t-test results provi

Simple random sampling process

Randomly select a sample of five rental agencies. Start with row two and column two. The number is 90935. Use the first two numbers starting with 90.

Find the probability of scoring a total

I need these problems solved thank you. I'm completely stuck on these. Please! Submit it to me in .doc 1.81 find the probability of scoring a total of 7 points (a) once, (b)


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