Increase the share of expenditures on corporate jet travel

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What effect, if any, does each of the following events have on the price elasticity of demand for corporate-owned jets? The cost of manufacturing corporate jets rises. Reduced corporate earnings lead to cuts in travel budgets and increase the share of expenditures on corporate jet travel. 2. Since the movie, Avatar, 3-D movies have been popular and charged at a higher price, compared with the traditional 2-D movies. Please analyze the impact of 3-D movies on Price elasticity of demand on 2-D movies Total revenue (including 2-D and 3-D movies) of theater box offices Please answer all of the two questions by one paragraph for each sub-question in one posting.

Reference no: EM131236707

What is solution for new lp

Supposed objective function is changed to, do you need to re-graph feasible region of this LP. Why. What is solution for new LP. Is it unique.

Should the company charge to maximize profits

A company's marketing department has determined that if their product is sold at the price of p dollars per unit, they can sell q=1800−200p units. Each unit costs 7 dollars to

How much did income per person change

1. Say that in 1964 a country had a labor force participation rate of 60% and by 2014 it fell to 50%. Also, assume that over this time labor productivity grew by 2% a year.

Unemployment rate and natural rate of unemployment

Question 1: What is the difference(s), if any, between the unemployment rate and the natural rate of unemployment? Discuss. Question 2: The expenditure approach (the sum of a

Express the production function in per worker terms

Express the production function in per worker terms. Thus, y = f (k) where y = Y/L and k=K/L. Suppose that both countries start off with a capital stock per worker of 2 (i.e.

What technology available to produce your product

What technology available to produce your product suddenly improves. You should note whether the scenario indicates a shift of the curve or movement along the curve. You are a

Using present value analysis math

Using present value analysis math, discuss the cost and benefit of paying for 4 years of college. Make any assumptions you want about the market interest rates. Use math and d

Medium of exchange and standard of value

If gold was made "legal tender" in those states, how effective do you think gold would be as (1) a medium of exchange (2) a standard of value and (3) a store of value in those


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