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Suppose the Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) hired you as an Economist (Economic consultant). The head of the council tells that she believes the current unemployment rate of 9% is too high. They would like to increase real aggregate output (RGDP). She wants to know what policy to pursue to increase RGDP by $2 trillion ($2,000 billion). The best estimate she gave you is the value of MPC = 0.8. Which of the following policies should you recommend and why? You need to show your work of estimations and explain in words.

a. Increase government expenditure (G) by $400 billion

Reference no: EM13743990

Operates as a price-discriminating monopolist

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How must federal, state, and local public health agencies balance the cost of serving the people with the cost of ensuring there are appropriate and effective emergency prepar

Monopolistically competitive firm

You are the manager of a monopolistically competitive firm. The present inverse demand curve you face is P = 100 – 4Q (MR = 100 – 8R). Your cost function is C(Q) = 50 + 8.5Q2


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