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In your own words, explain why when using the expenditure methodfor determining GDP do we not include expenditure on intermediate goods, butwhen using the income method, we use the income of factors of production for bothintermediate and final goods production?

Reference no: EM131237367

Have two finalists for a position with our industry

The test has a reliability of .87 and a standard deviation of 5. Joe scored a 57 on the test and Jill scored a 62. Is Jill clearly superior to Joe? Explain your answer.

Consulting of a new business

The assignment is to provide a reflection on this weeks group activity - regrading the  consulting of a new business (clothing store) in terms of management and marketing the

Define and explain the term similarity principle

Define and explain the term "Similarity Principle". Define the term"Trust" from a positive and a negative context in Negotiations. Provide one exmaple for each.(2 paragraphs

American airlines developing and implementing

Discuss the decision behind American Airlines developing and implementing value pricing to gain more market shares. Evaluate the impact competitors and additional economic fac

What is primary form of power you tend to use frequently

What is your primary form of power you tend to use most frequently? How is power different from politics? Provide an example of how you have used the different 5 forms of powe

Metrics of staffing effectiveness and quality

Tanglewood's top management is highly committed to improving customer service quality, and proposes that simply finding the cheapest way to hire is not sufficient. What meas

Lambda computer products competed

Lambda Computer Products competed for and won a contract to produce two prototype units of a new type of computer that is based on optics using lasers rather than on electroni

Impact of culture on business-spotlight china

Make a prioritized list of what you consider important in a training plan for global managers. Your list should contain a minimum of 10 items along with justification for ea


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