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In response to the increasing weight of airline passengers, the Federal Aviation Administration in 2003 told airlines to assume that passengers average 190 pounds in the summer, including clothing and carry-on baggage. But passengers vary, and the FAA did not specify a standard deviation. A reasonable standard deviation is 35 pounds. Weights are not Normally distributed, especially when the population includes both men and women, but they are not very non-Normal. A commuter plane carries 19 passengers. What is the approximate probability that the total weight of the passengers exceeds 4000 pounds? Use the four-step process to guide your work.Hint: To apply the central limit theorem, restate the problem in terms of the mean weight.)

Reference no: EM13495877

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What is the phase constant for SMH with a(t) given in Fig. 15-55 if the position function x(t) has the form x = xmcos(?t + ?) and as = 12 m/s2? (note that the answer should be

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When is the correlational research method appropriate? Describe an example of an actual research study from a credible source or the news that illustrates the use of the cor

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Begin with a brief description of the different methods of observational research that are described. Identify the type of observational method used in the study described abo


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