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Based on the following background information and project requirements, complete a project making use of OPNET:

Background: AusCloud Brisbane is an IT company located in Brisbane. The company has offices in Melbourne and Sydney. They are now planning to extend the businesses to Singapore and Hong Kong. The company has experienced several security attacks in the
past, for example, some business data labelled as "sensitive" and "confidential" has been found in a report published on the Internet, and a number of malicious intrusions to the network of the company have been detected. The company has just made a budget to support a plan for improving the security of the network and information system. The plan includes improving the security of the current network and establishing a secure environment for data exchange between the headquarters (Brisbane) and other offices.

Project Description: The objectives of the project include: (1) to study how the database and web services can be protected against unauthorized use while maintaining access for authorized users by using firewall and VPN techniques; and (2) to study how secure data exchange over the Internet can be achieved by using encryption.

For the project, you are required, based on the background information given above, to implement a simulator using the OPNET IT Guru. On completion of the project you are expected to submit a report. (The requirements for the simulator and the report will be given below).

Requirements for the simulator:
(a). The simulator will have at least two servers: database server and web server.
(b). The offices in Melbourne and Sydney can access all the data, web services, and other applications.
(c). The office in Singapore cannot access the database.
(d). The office in Hong Kong cannot access the web services.
(e). The information exchange between the headquarters and authorized offices should be protected by encryption (hints will be given below on simulating the effect of encryption by using OPNET).

(f). The simulator should include the following scenarios for comparison purpose:

- Scenario 1: No firewall, VPN, or encryption is employed, that is, a network without any protection.

- Scenario 2: Only firewall is implemented.

- Scenario 3: Employing both firewall(s) and VPN(s) to meet the requirements (a) - (d) given above.

- Scenario 4: Implementing firewall(s), VPN(s), and encryption to meet the requirements (a)-(e). 

Reference no: EM13191034

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