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Your second requirement is to improve the performance of the LAN. You have already done as much as you can with the equipment that you have and with the setup of that equipment. You know what components are present in the LAN today, and you have been given a firm budget $4,500.00 and one week in which to make a decision. You have to decide what to do and how to spend the money.You do not have enough time to bring in a consultant, so you are on your own. You must decide what you are going to do, research the market, identify what you are going to buy, and how you are going to buy it. You must identify the market source that you will use to procure your network components.When your research is complete, you must present your purchasing request to your management, and you have to make that presentation in a format that your management can understand (remember,most managers are not technical). When you have gained approval for your purchasing requests, you are responsible for the actual implementation of the purchasing transactions.You must create a presentation in .ppt format of no more than 4 - 6 pages (not including the title page)that describe to management your purchasing request, including the vendor that you have selected; no format other than .ppt is acceptable. You must describe the shipping charges and payment procedures that you will use. Your presentation must describe your rational for the decisions that you have made.

Reference no: EM131218910

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