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1. Provide examples, from your own professional or personal experience, of the concepts below that are presented in the reading. Please do not use examples that are in the reading. For each example that you present, explain clearly why it is a good example of the particular concept in the reading that you are referring to.

a. Provide an example of how shared experience or information among clients of a service can improve the quality of the service provided. Also provide an example of a business concept that takes advantage of these specific ways to improve quality that you have identified.

b. Provide an example of a service for which many of the customers use the same "complementary" services.

c. Provide an example of the concept underlying the Aravind Eye Hospital example in the article.

2. Apply the concepts presented in the reading to categorize innovations in one of the following industries, carefully explaining your arguments in each case. Industries: airlines, restaurants, consumer banking, education.
(You may categorize existing innovations or potential new concepts.)

3. How can the concepts from the reading help you improve the innovative potential of your workplace? Suggest specifically what you could do to achieve this end.

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Reference no: EM13646175

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