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Business culture is the context in which the measures exist. They are bound to each other in terms of context and environment. Understanding business metrics as key performance measures is an important part of business strategy and management. In this assignment, you will look at financial performance measures.

Financial performance measures are vitally important to assessing corporate performance. However, financial measures are primarily backward looking in that they measure the results of past actions, and do not always give a reliable indication of future direction.

Using the module readings, Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, respond to the following for your own organization:

  • Give three examples of key performance measures that are forward looking and more predictive.
  • What aspect of the value chain are they measuring?
  • How do these measures tie to specific strategies in your business unit?
  • Does the business' culture enable or block its business strategy and/or does it have an effect on financial performance in the value chain? Provide a rationale in support of your answer.
  • What are cultural norms that govern the organization, and what types of behaviors does the culture promote or punish?

Reference no: EM13769753

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