Important information about eeoc

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Important information about EEOC

While the answers are not essays per se, they should include references where appropriate, and I have included a 'References' section at the end for APA-formatted references. Please find at least a couple of additional references to support the response (need to provide more than just an opinion, but also substantiate the response with verifying information).

1. As a marketing manager you have recently turned down Nancy Conrad for a position as sales supervisor. Nancy believes the denial was due to her gender and she has filed a sex discrimination charge with the EEOC. Explain the steps the EEOC will use to process the charge; include Nancy's options during the process. Determine the likelihood of success of Nancy's discrimination claim from the EEOC data base (available through Describe the basic precautions you should take so you might prevail in her claim.

2. More than 50 percent of all MBAs leave their first employer within five years. While the change may mean career growth for the individuals, it represents a loss to the employers. You are the HR Director for a large firm that employs about 100 MBA-level employees. Describe a plan to manage this expensive turnover issue.

6. Your company is engaged in a wide range of activities centered in agriculture, cargo handling and transportation. You have just been informed that you will be audited by the Immigration Control and Enforcement agency regarding your hiring practices. You have one week to prepare for the audit. What should you as the HR Director do in priority order?

Reference no: EM1368855

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