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- Locate, synthesise and critically evaluate recent/current information from a wide range of published literature in Project Management

- Apply knowledge of the theory and practice of project planning and control and the use of Project Management methods and techniques.

- Assess the value of theories and concepts to the practice of planning, control and process management.

- Demonstrate a sound understanding of the importance of Project Management in the development and maintenance of sustainable and global organisations operating in complex market environments

Produce a detailed project plan, including some of the key headings given below, and any other information such as recommendations to the

Project Board that you consider appropriate. Your plan could also include a schedule created with Microsoft Project (MSP).

• Introduction
• Business case
• Project objectives
• Stakeholder analysis
• Performance Measurement
• Activities to be carried out and scheduling including any milestones
• Resources to be used including project budget
• Constraints and Risks
• Communications to be used
• Management of quality

In addition please discuss the following in your report:

• Possible success/ failure factors for this project

• Considerations concerning future operation

• Any recommendations concerning training at Enterprise Rent-a-Car in the UK

• Brief notes of team meetings including participation of team members.


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This report is written for development of international training management system for Enterprise Rent-A-Car (RAC) which is an internationally recognized brand known for its outstanding customer service.With company’s expansion and rising challenges, it is planning to build World class training facility as company attributes a large part of this success to the innovative training and development introduced and delivered in the North West in the last financial year.

Better achievement in the other core areas may also be attributable to the training and development, although fleet growth and profit are in part also attributable to national economic factors. Besides these the nature and characteristics of information and knowledge can impact the ability of organizations to implement Information and knowledge system in the way that it is used to administer and operate an organization as it is highly essential for any organization to know all the facts and information.

Besides these managerial activities could be easily handled if relevant information in the form of knowledge is presented on the occasion. It is also essential that the most updated information and knowledge reaches the management committee.

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