Importance of learning in work place

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Topic: Importance of Learning in work place

Key issues to be addressed:

- What is your topic and what is the business significance of it
- What questions will you research
- What research methodologies will you deploy
- What data will you collect
- What data analysis will you do

You must produce a Gantt chart showing the necessary tasks, the resources required and the deadlines to be met

You will need to attach a completed ethics checklist

1) Introduction
- Why I am interest for doing this
- Facts and figures

2) Research questions
- Explanation
- Hypothesis

3) Methodology
- Research instruments(what way collect data)
- Sample size
- Sample approach(convince/snow ball)
- Research location
- Research schedule(time management/Gantt chart)
- Limitations(impacts ,geographical constraints, bias of respondents or further research)



I have made 3research questions

1) Why learning is so important in work place?

2) Why learning is a constructive process?

3) How learning can refreshing to stay relevant ?

4) What are the methods can include in a workplace to promote new ways of learning?

Why I am interest for doing is this topic is that I am also planning to go job in future then I want to know about this

I am planning to go firm and collect data you can write like that

Make it simple and proper way

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Reference no: EM13881466

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