Importance of carbon to biological molecules

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Carbon represents approximately 45-50 of all dry biomass. Carbon is the fourth most abundant element in the universe by mass. Discuss the basic characteristics of carbon atom structure and the importance of carbon to biological molecules.

Reference no: EM132280255

How many genes are involved in determining flower colors

In some plants, a red pigment, cyanidin, is synthesized from a colorless precursor. The addition of a hydroxyl group (-OH) to the canidin molecule causes it to become purple

One reasonable answer for each aspect of growth

Below are several plant attributes that could be measured. For each attribute, provide one brief description of how it could affect the outcome of competition. There is mo

What are the parts of the hiv virus

What are the parts of the HIV Virus? Can someone please postimages of them and does anyone know if they have three balls on onestick or one ball on a stick? There different pi

Question about classical genetics

A bacterial gene is known to spontaneously mutate at a high frequency. A study of one mutant gene product shows that the mutant protein made is shorter than the wildtype prote

Distinguish indeterminate from determinate growth

Distinguish indeterminate from determinate growth. If you were a redwood tree and redwood trees could be vegocentric in the same way that humans can be anthropocentric, what

Dna repair pathways

Assume you have made a collection of mutant fruit flies that aredefective in several aspects of DNA repair. You test each mutantfor its hypersensitivity to 3-DNA damaging agen

Were the hapsburgs doomed from the start

The royal pedigree of King Charles II of Spain is entangled and ultimately collapsed as King Charles II failed to produce an heir. Why (from a genetic perspective) did this

Cardiovascular disease and cancer death

Due to an increase in cardiovascular disease and cancer death in the United States, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food & Drug Administration (FDA)


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