Importance of carbon to biological molecules

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Carbon represents approximately 45-50 of all dry biomass. Carbon is the fourth most abundant element in the universe by mass. Discuss the basic characteristics of carbon atom structure and the importance of carbon to biological molecules.

Reference no: EM132280255

What percentage of the cells are viable

Before freezing, you count your cell suspension in the presence of trypan blue. The initial volume of thecell suspension is 10ml. You add 0.1ml of the cell suspension to 0.1

Research and briefly describe a real world example

Research and briefly describe a real world example about how acid rain affect plants. Be sure to demonstrate how pH contributes to the outcome, and proposed solutions (if any)

How can you characterize a new enzyme''s kinetics

how can You characterize a new enzyme's kinetics. No, the activity does not change with increasing enzyme concentration correctly. The enzyme may be only active in a dimer th

What about eukaryotes

When is double strand break repair important in bacteria? What about eukaryotes? (in other words, what are the situations when you would expect to get ds DNA breaks in each

Describe the cyclic activated-sludge system

Describe the Cyclic Activated-Sludge System, discuss its mode of operation and the potential benefits as an equipment option for an activated sludge unit to be designed into

Drosophila that is dominant and X-linked

Assume a gene for warped wings (W) inDrosophila that is dominant and X-linked. Give the expected genotype ratios and phenotype ratios for theprogeny of each of the following

Describe and explain the effects on the spike rate

Describe and explain the effects on the spike rate of decreasing g_bar_e to .38, and of increasing it to .42. What can you conclude about the relationship between the resting

The embryonic origin of the anterior pituitary and posterior

Are the anterior pituitary and posterior pituitary just two of one gland or they two different glands? Relate your answers to the hormones secreted, the regulation of secr


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