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Vedder, Inc., has 7 million shares of common stock outstanding. The current share price is $62.00, and the book value per share is $5.00. Vedder also has two bond issues outstanding. The first bond issue has a face value of $71 million, a coupon rate of 7 percent, and sells for 93 percent of par. The second issue has a face value of $36 million, a coupon rate of 7.5 percent, and sells for 92 percent of par. The first issue matures in 20 years, the second in 12 years. The most recent dividend was $3.35 and the dividend growth rate is 6 percent. Assume that the overall cost of debt is the weighted average of that implied by the two outstanding debt issues. Both bonds make semiannual payments. The tax rate is 35 percent.


What is the company’s WACC? (Do not round intermediate calculations. Enter your answer as a percentage rounded to 2 decimal places (e.g., 32.16).)

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