Implications for an employer based on the legislation
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The purpose of assignment is to allow you to analyze legislation and demonstrate your understanding by identifying the implications for an employer based on the legislation that is in place in two jurisdictions.

How to Proceed

You will be completing this assignment using an organization of your choice. You may use the same organization you used in Assignment 1. Regardless of what organization you choose, you may use a pseudonym for the organization's name to keep the organization anonymous in your assignments.

Note: If you do not have a suitable organization to use for your assignments, contact the instructor as soon as possible to discuss otter options.

To conduct this assignment:

1. Complete the assigned reading for Unit 3.

2. Find the protective standards that apply to workers in your jurisdiction, and in another jurisdiction.

3. Write a response no more than 750 words.

4. Compare the two pieces of legislation and regulations, focusing on only the sections of the law that deal with leave provisions, including designated holidays, holiday pay, vacation and other leaves (for example, maternity, compassionate care).

5. Provide an analysis of what impact it would have on your employer to operate in the different jurisdiction based on the leave provisions in place in the two jurisdictions.

Identify the sections of the legislation that you are referring to in your analysis.

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    j Organization 6 Excellent organization and clarity of arguments. Good organization and clarity of arguments. Some organization and clarity of arguments. No organization and clarity of arguments. References to Course Content 6 Multiple references made to readings and theory. Some references made to readings and theory. Few references made to readings and theory. No references made to readings and theory. Spelling and Grammar 2 Very few spelling or grammatical errors. Significant spelling or grammatical errors.

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    Quality work required.Criteria Max Points 6 Points 4 Points 2 Points 0 Points Analysis 6 Comprehensive analysis of the laws as they relate to leave provisions, and each of the leave components. Effective analysis of the laws, and most of the leave components. A partial discussion of the laws, and some of the leave components. An incomplete discussion of the laws, without identifying the leave components.

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