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Discussion Question 1: After reading chapter 17 in 50 Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners, choose a curriculum area and a grade level you hope to teach. Using the steps listed in the text regarding the implementation of sorting activities, explain how you would use these sorting activities to teach language.

Discussion Question 2: In Sheltered Content Instruction: Teaching English Learners with Diverse Abilities, cognitive, metacognitive, and language learning strategies are reviewed. Choose one strategy from each you would utilize to teach vocabulary. Explain why each strategy would be effective for an English Language Learner.

Discussion Question 3: Arizona citizens retain several very progressive rights, namely the right to initiative, referendum, recall of elected officials, recall of judges, election of corporation commissioners and election of a state mine inspector. Please select three of these democratic rights and make an argument as to why giving power directly to the people in this manner is a benefit for all of society.

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