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Discussion Question 1: After reading chapter 17 in 50 Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners, choose a curriculum area and a grade level you hope to teach. Using the steps listed in the text regarding the implementation of sorting activities, explain how you would use these sorting activities to teach language.

Discussion Question 2: In Sheltered Content Instruction: Teaching English Learners with Diverse Abilities, cognitive, metacognitive, and language learning strategies are reviewed. Choose one strategy from each you would utilize to teach vocabulary. Explain why each strategy would be effective for an English Language Learner.

Discussion Question 3: Arizona citizens retain several very progressive rights, namely the right to initiative, referendum, recall of elected officials, recall of judges, election of corporation commissioners and election of a state mine inspector. Please select three of these democratic rights and make an argument as to why giving power directly to the people in this manner is a benefit for all of society.

Reference no: EM13909939

Internet article on science or pseudoscience

Discuss any internet article on science or pseudoscience. Typical examples are: articles about the scientific method; a scientific discovery or scientist (recent or past);

Explain statistical presentation-substitute ways data used

Research the layout of one of the written reports. Select one statistical presentation (from article or study report) and find out substitute ways data used in that article.

Explore the internet and find a free or low-cost tool

Animations are a form of video that rely on moving graphics (e.g., cartoons). Although animations often appeal to children, adults can appreciate animations that rely on hum

Theories related to development in middle adulthood

Compare and contrast the two theories related to development in middle adulthood. Be sure to include the similarities and differences. Apply one of the theories to someone y

Innovation and knowledge management

You are expected to write a scholar essay to link and address the following: 1. Innovation in healthcare, as a result between knowledge management concepts and innovation co

How teaming between special educators and general classroom

EDU 512- Examine how collaboration and teaming between special educators and general classroom teachers are critical to the equality of education experienced by children wit

Louisiana purchase

Describe the events leading to the Louisiana Purchase. What objections did Jefferson hold and how did he reconcile these? What ramifications did this purchase hold for the n

Evaluate the difference between the two sample

An ANOVA is used to evaluate the difference between the two sample means and the results are reported in the following summary table. Fill in all missing values in the table


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