Implementation of memory management
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The intent of this paper is to provide you with an in depth knowledge of how memory is used in executing your programs and its critical support for applications.

C++ is a general purpose programming language that runs programs using memory management. Two operating system environments are commonly used in compiling, building and executing C++ applications. These are the windows and UNIX / Linux (or some UNIX / Linux derivative) operating system. 

For this assignment you will research the following eight topics and explore the implementation of memory management, processes and threads. Each topic will be approximately one page long.

  • The memory model
  • Global and local memory
  • Virtual memory
  • Heap memory and allocating a memory block
  • Managing process specific memory
  • Allocating and managing virtual memory block
  • Creating a process
  • Creating threads

Explain and expand on the eight research topics provided. Your paper should provide research into each of the topics. 

1. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of each of the eight research topics.

2. Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the technical details of each of the eight research topics.

3. Provide an example of C++ code that demonstrates your understanding of the eight topics.

This paper inhibits following points:

1. The Memory Model

  • Proposed model [Diagrammatic Representation]
  • Code for Memory model

2. Global and local memory

  • Global Memory
  • Local memory
  • Code for Global and local memory

3. Virtual Memory

  • Code

4. Heap Memory and allocating a memory block

  • Code for Heap Memory and allocation

5. Managing process specific memory

6. Allocating and managing virtual memory block

  • Code for Allocation and management of virtual memory block

7. Creating a process

  • Code to create a process

8. Creating a thread

  • Code to develop a thread

9. References

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