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Paper: Behavioral Modification Project

Final Report

Part One: Data Collection Due Feb 15th for the First week of data collected and Feb 23rd for the second week.


Now that your behavioral modification plan has been approved, you need to implement your plan and track your behavior. This means you need to start collecting data. Since all of your projects are different, I am not going to restrict how you collect that data. But, at minimum, you need some way to record the data (spreadsheet, an app, etc.). However, you will need to turn in your data at the end of the week, so that I can see your progress. Therefore, your data needs to be clear enough that I can interpret it.

Data for two weeks. You will also continue to collect data through next week, so you will turn in your data next week as well, so be sure to keep collecting data on your behaviors.

Part Two: Directions Due Feb 27th

In your final report, include:
- A brief introduction
- Your treatment plan including modifications made based on the feedback provided on your Week 5 assignment.
o You must consider feedback from Week 5's assignment and make decisions about how to improve your project to make it the best it can be for the final version. You may not be able to accommodate each of my specific suggestions, but you should have a rationale for how you respond to each piece of feedback. For example, if I suggest ‘A,' but you come up with solution ‘B,' you may decide to do ‘B,' and you should be able to say why you picked that option over ‘A'.
- A summary of the project outcomes with quantitative information (tables and graphs! - this means you need to collect data!)
o This figure should present a summary of your data. Do not include your raw data. For example, you might want to graph the percentage of successes you had across weeks.
- An analysis/reflection on the experience
- These reports should be 7-10 pages in length

Part Three: Behavioral Modification Slide Presentations


For this assignment, you will need to put together a powerpoint slide presentation about your project. This should be presented similar to a research project. Therefore, your presentation should mirror the format of the final written report. You should include an introduction section, where you introduce the problem behavior, why it is a problem and what the end goal of your project was. Then you should introduce your methods. How did you try and change this behavior? Then have a results section with data. This means you should include at least one graph/chart/table to display your results. This figure should present a summary of your data. Do not include your raw data. For example, you might want to graph the percentage of successes you had across weeks. Then you should have a conclusion section where you share your success and the challenges that you encountered. Therefore, slides should have lots of pictures and graphics and relatively few words.

- This will typically be 10 to 15 slides
- Don't forget to include citations if you reference other's work.

Week 1 Paper: Reflecting on Your Own Study or Work Habits

1. Name five things you do incorrectly when studying or working (according to Dr. Chew). Explain why you do each of those things and how they may hinder your learning.
2. What could you do to improve these bad study or work habits? Do you think this would improve your grades or work performance? Why or why not?
3. What two habits do you think are the most important for you to change? Why?

WK2 Paper: Choosing Which Behaviors to Modify

1. Identify the one habit you would like to improve
2. Explain why this habit is more important to change that the other habit you identified
3. Explain the current status of behavior and why it should be changed (i.e., what the behavior is and why it is not effective or needs improvement)
4. Explain the final desired behavior and why it is more a more optimal study/work habit than your current behavior (i.e., what is your goal?). Be specific

7-10 pages/10-15 slides


Verified Expert

In this assignment, there were three parts related to a plan for behavioural modification. In the first part, raw data is collected related to the improvement and modification of behaviour issue. The second part provides a detail plan for behavioural modification identifying two different methods and evaluating their effectiveness. Personal reflection on the experience of this plan implementation is also provided. for the third part of this assignment, a PowerPoint presentation was made related to the plan implemented, its effectiveness, and final successes and challenges. appropriate referencing was done in APA style.

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    This is the assignment from last week that expert minds helped me with. 27458529_1WK5LPaper smithming.docx I want to ask that data has to be collected related to behavior modification of one person or many people?what fields should be included like name and behavior fields or anything else? I highlighted the due dates. I just wanted to point that out so that you do not feel rushed by the paper or the powerpoint. only part one is due this week.

  2. user image

    This is one assignment but broken into several parts. Part one is collecting a weeks worth of data twice and the due dates are 16 and 23. Part two is the Final Paper due 27th. Part 3 is a small power point presentation on the paper. Attached is the first, second, and third parts of the assignment. Final paper for L contains the actual assignment. I am unable to upload WK 5 paper.

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