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This assignment follows a programming pattern called MVC (the Model, View, Controller) pattern. You have been provided with the view and controller classes but you will be required to implement several modelling classes.

The modelling classes are from the popular card game, Uno. Each class you're required to implement has a specification that is outlined in this document. A specification is a description of each method in a class as well as their parameters and return values.

Once you have implemented the modelling classes, you will have completed a digital version of Uno that follows the MVC pattern.


Uno is a card based game consisting primarily of cards with both a colour and a number. Each player starts with a deck of seven cards. The player whose cards are visible is the starting player. Once the player makes a move by selecting their card to play, their cards will be hidden and it will move to the next players turn.

There are two piles in the middle of the board. The left pile is the pickup pile, a player should click this pile if they have no cards to play, it will add a card to their deck. The right pile is the putdown pile, a player has to pick a card from their deck which matches the card on top of the putdown pile.

The aim of the game is to have no cards left in your deck. Each turn a player can either select a card from their pile which matches the card on top of the putdown pile, or, they can pickup a new card from the pickup pile if they have no matching cards.

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    Your assignment must be submitted via the assignment three submission link on Blackboard. You must submit a file, a2.py , containing your submission for this assignment. You do not need to submit any other files. Late submission of the assignment will not be accepted. Do not wait until the last minute to submit your assignment, as the time to upload it may make it late. Multiple submissions are allowed, so ensure that you have submitted an almost complete version of the assignment well before the submission deadline of 6pm. Your latest, on time, submission will be marked

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