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Use any Content Management System (CMS), design, implement an e-commerce web application that sells products and should allow user search products, add products to shopping cart, checkout items into the cart. application should be visually nice and good functionality. Please add kumar to the homepage of the web application. submission is in webpages (html files) that should contains all the used mterial which used to make the webapplication.

Reference no: EM131115954

Select artwork to be optimized for the web

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Implementing relational database management system

Jim and Tim are brothers who have a love of robots. They started a house based business called 'RoboBoys' where they custom create robots for fun, gifts, competition and decor

Working in microsoft project

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Demonstrate the site produced to the subject tutor

The use of HTML code to format and display text and pictures within the site. Web page design software (such as Dreamweaver) may be used in the production of some code, but


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