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Q. 1.Using project planning data from FPDS develop a plan which Shows illustrate what car projects will be happening during first week of January each year. Assume which launch date for new models is first week of August (week 33) each year. Also, assume which division operates only 50 weeks each year (division is idle during Christmas also New Year's each year).

2. Elucidate how are these data useful to Thunderbird team?

3. Illustrate what additional data would be useful to team? Elucidate how would these data be used?

4. Given very dynamic nature of luxury automobile market, also complex engineering also design issues associated with building new cars, illustrate what would you consider most important features of a product development system for Thunderbird product planning group?


Reference no: EM1377254

Discussion you will discuss your dream job

Do you have a dream that you want to realize who education. Is why you are in college. And this discussion you will discuss your dream job and how characteristics of a critica

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How can managers hold health professionals and employees accountable for personal and organizational performance, yet still encourage them to try new ideas and take prudent ri

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A process is in control and centered at nominal. Output from the process is normally distributed and the process capability index, Cp, equals 1.02. Determine the expected numb

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of giving a Chief Purchasing Officer a title and reporting line equal to marketing, engineering, or other key business functions? In

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Markland First National Bank of Rolla utilizes kanban techniques in its check processing facility. The following information is known about the process. If there are 3030 kanb

Direct-to-consumer sales and combination sales jobs

(Sales support, New business, Existing business, Inside sales (nonretail), Direct-to-consumer sales, and combination sales jobs) six types of personal selling jobs. If you wer

Calculate the single factor productivity measures

A company produces 51 units of output per hour using 8 workers. Each worker is paid $12 per hour. Materials cost $15 for each unit of output produced. Overhead is charged at 1

Lower of cost-market is departure from accounting principle

Based on a physical inventory taken on December 31, year 2, Chewy Co. determined its chocolate inventory on a FIFO basis at $26,000 with a replacement cost of $20,000. Reporti


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