Illustrate what is total amount of output firm should produc

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Q. a) A statistics practitioner drew a random sample of 400 observations and found that x bar = 700 and s = 100. Approximate population mean with 90% confidence.

b) Repeat part a with a 95% confidence level

Q. if a graph contains two separate demand curves, D1 and D2, marginal revenue curve associated with each one MR1 and MR2, a total marginal revenue curve MRt along with marginal cost. Illustrate what is total amount of output firm should produce?

Reference no: EM1371139

Government policy of managing country foreign exchange rate

Briefly explain the "pros" and "cons" of a government policy of "managing"the country's foreign exchange rate as compared to a policy of letting the exchange rate "free floa

Both are certified public accountants

Suppose that Benjamin and Elise both work at a large company in the accounting department. They both have been with the company for 8 years, both possess a BBA in accounting,

The monopolist offers lower level of output for sale

In maximizing economic profit, the monopolist will. Other things being equal, society's overall well-being is reduced when a perfectly competitive industry is monopolized. Whe

Some celebrities are effective at pitching products

Why do you think some celebrities are effective at pitching products while others are not? Experts cite three factors underlying source credibility: expertise, trustworthiness

Optimal consumption of coffee and milk

Boris budgets $9 weekly for his morning coffee with milk. He likes it if it is prepared with 4 parts coffee, 1 part milk. (Milk and coffee are perfect complements here). Coffe

Quantity of beef demanded-supplied is related to price beef

The quantity of beef demanded and supplied is related to the price of beef. Given that the demand function for beef is q = √306.25 − p + 2.5 and that the inverse supply functi

What is the range of this cost function

Suppose a ?rm’s cost function is given by C(Q) = Q^2 + 100 over the interval [0,10]. Sketch this function and then draw a secant line that connects the points 1 and 5. What is

Households preferences are represented by utility function

Suppose that the household’s preferences are represented by the utility function U(C0, C1)= 100C0^ 0.5 C1^0.25. If the real interest rate is 5 percent, what is the value of th


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