Illustrate what is the net current value of a project

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Illustrate what is the net current value of a project that requires a $100 investment today and returns $50 at the end of the first year and $80 at the end of the second year? Assume a discount rate of 10%.

In the spring and summer of 1993, Chronic Wasting Disease wiped out 25% of the elk herd in Wyoming, and the number of state hunting licenses issued was reduced accordingly. In order to compensate for the decrease in license issuances, Wyoming dramatically increased the price. Unfortunately, this strategy proved unsuccessful as the state reported a 50% decrease in total elk license revenues for '93. Which of the following most accurately describes this economic situation?

Suppose a new manufacturing technology results in an expansion in the supply of golf balls in the United States of 15%. If the elasticity of demand of golf balls sold in the U.S. is -0.4, the new equilibrium price will be company currently sells 60,000 units a month at $10 per unit. The variable cost per unit is $6. The company decided to raise the price about 10%. How much change in the number of units sold can the company afford and still be no worse off?

The U.S. Government bought 112,000 acres of land in southeastern Colorado in 1968 for $17,500,000. The cost of using this land today exclusively for the reintroduction of the black-tailed prairie dog.

Reference no: EM1354597

Indicate this with a legend depicting meaning of colours

Include in milestones areas identified as risk, as well as where project might be falling behind vs on track. Use colour coding of milestone to indicate this with a legend d

Compared to the revenue in the fourth? quarter

where t is a time? trend, Upper D1 is a dummy variable indicating the? year's first? quarter, Upper D2 is a dummy variable indicating the second? quarter, and Upper D3 is a du

Which are extent decisions and provide explanation

Identify which of the following are discrete decisions and which are extent decisions and provide explanation. What discount should be given on products during the upcoming ho

Differences in the dominant religion and social structure

What are the implications for international business of differences in the dominant religion, social structure, and educational systems of a country? How do religion, social s

What is the payback period for an investment

A gourmet ice cream store has fixed cost expenses (rent, utilities, etc.) of $100,000/year. The ice cream cost $5/liters to produce and sell for $7 per liter. The store sells

The pervasive problem of scarcity means

“The pervasive problem of scarcity means that every society must choose among alternative uses of its limited resources. Society has only so much labor, capital, land and entr

Determine substitution effect-income effect-total effect

Let the consumer begin in utility maximizing equilibrium at point A on indifference curve I. Next the price of good X changes so that the consumer moves to a new utility-maxim

How much will be demanded after the new copayment

Currently, there is a $0.50 copayment on drugs. The HMO has decided to raise this to $1.00 per prescription. The cost of a prescription is $6.00, which mean the HMO's contribu


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