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Q. Ralph's Gas Station is running a giveaway promotion. With every fill-up of gasoline, Ralph gives out a lottery ticket which has a 25% of chance of being a winning ticket. Customers who collect four winning lottery tickets are eligible for "BIG SPIN" for large payoffs. Illustrate what is probability of qualifying for big spin if a customer fills up 7 times?

Reference no: EM1376519

Discuss porters five forces model

This is what i know about Porters Model. It is the systematic analysis of forces in the industry environment using the Porter framework is a prowerful tool that helps managers

Excel model spreadsheet by entering the required totals

A distributor of prewashed shredded lettuce is opening a new plant and considering whether to use a mechanized process or a manual process to prepare the product. The manual p

Understand global trends and global cultures of organization

For this discussion, explain why it is important for innovation leaders to understand global trends and global cultures of organizations. How does a leader of innovation use g

Defined contribution plans over defined benefit plans

Are employees more likely to favor defined contribution plans over defined benefit plans? How about employers? Explain your answer. Discuss how product deletion is used to imp

Deeds has influence a friend self concept

Write an essay on how your words and deeds has influence a friend self concept, and discuss which parts of the self concept you have affected. Identify any way you could commu

Vision statement and mission statement

Should organizations have both a vision statement and a mission statement? If you were to lead an organization and you could have only one, a mission or vision statement, whic

Discuss competition within intermodal transportation

Discuss competition within intermodal transportation. Points of discussion may include strategies, the impact of regulation/deregulation, competition between the various mod

What is a realistic job preview

What is a realistic Job preview, and how might the company LinkedIn be used by firms to provide such a preview to potential employees? Evaluate LinkedIn's search for a data ce


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