Illustrate what happens to the marginal product

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Q. Suppose the general demand equation for good X is QX = 100 - 8PX + 6PY - M. If PX = $4, PY = $2, and M = $10, what is the cross-price elasticity of good X with respect to the price of good y?

Q. Illustrate what happens to the marginal product of each individual factor as that factor is increased, and the other factor is held constant?


Reference no: EM1362720

Find the weights on each of these stocks

Suppose stocks A, B and C have the same expected return and standard deviation. The correlations of returns are given as follows Corr(A, B) = 0.7, Corr(B, C) = −0.3 and Corr(A

Elucidate the effect on the us economy

Suppose that an unpopular president was leaving office, and a very popular candidate was elected, and this significantly increased the public's confidence in the future of t

Commuting by bus and train as perfect substitutes

Jack sees commuting by bus and train as perfect substitutes (U = B + T), that is, he would exchange one commute by bus for one commute by train. The price of a bus ticket is $

Free agents immediately upon entry into the major leagues

Major league baseball teams scout and hire younger players whom they then train in the minor leagues for a period of three to five years. Very few of their trainees (perhaps 5

Employees choice between higher wages and more benefits

Increasingly, employees are being allowed to choose benefit packages from a menu of items. For instance, workers may be given a package of benefits that includes basic and opt

Highest tax elasticity of labor supply

Which of the following groups are likely to have the highest tax elasticity of labor supply: a) college students, b) single parents, c) primary earners in two-parent families,

Government undertake any proactive fiscal or monetary policy

Suppose the economy is initially in long-run equilibrium and the U.S. stock market has a prolonged decrease in shareholder value. Use the AD–AS model to predict short-run chan

What evidence might you bring to the hearing

Antitrust authorities at the Federal Trade Commission are reviewing your company’s recent merger with a rival firm. The FTC is concerned that the merger of two rival firms in


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