If an excitatory neurotransmitter attaches to its receptors

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If an excitatory neurotransmitter attaches to its receptors, will there be an EPSP or an IPSP? What specific kind of ion channel will open (for what ion)?

Reference no: EM132280270

What would be the expected phenotypic ratios

These are two mutations for fruit flies: a and b. If you mated a mutant male fly that is a mutant for these two genes with a wild-type virgin female fly, what would be the e

An assignment in it

An assignment in IT. I need to write 3 pages about Transaction Payment System . In this 3 pages, I need to find an problem about it and write the solution of it. I found some

Property of the genetic code

Among many other species, pigs, mice, and bacteria express jellyfish green fluorescent protein (GFP) genes and glow. Discuss which is the property of the genetic code that m

Transplantation between two of them equivalent to donating

They are though more closely related to each other than they are to either of their parents. since now they know their child will not be a hemophiliac! Explain how they know t

Fertile ground for engaging in meaningful friendships

In our reading this week, we learned more about some of the philosophers' perspectives on how to cultivate that fertile ground for engaging in meaningful friendships. Many p

Explain a possible mechanism for the protein-rna interaction

You solve the structure of a non-specific RNA binding protein and find a pocket of K and R amino acids. Explain a possible mechanism for the protein-RNA interaction.

Identifying hydrolytic enzymes

Suppose you poured iodine on your plate and notesed clearing in the uninoculated area, as well as around both of your transferred cultures. What are some possible explanations

Star players was using anabolic steroid

1)if you were  coaching a high school football  team and new that some of your players were using anabolic steroid , would you ignore their actions?2)If you were the owner of


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