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Toy s R US research paper-

Read instructions and analyze all attachments

I need the work to be 10 pages

Ask me any questions where you do not understand

I need a 10 pages report about eliminating non standard time Paper needs to include: * Identifying the root cause of the non standard time based on the reports below * Analyses (graphical and cost) showing where the problem is coming from based on the reports below (they are coming from meetings just need to show it analytically and explain ) * Propose the 3 optimal solutions to eliminate non standard time and analytically show what kind of a impact would they have to the company and their budget

Thesis Content: Non - Standard time Literature Review of Non-Standard time Proposed approach to solving a problem (3 to 4) Plan of action (how we plan to test approaches) Challenges Expected Outcomes

So we have started working for Toys R Us at their Distribution Center in September and we will continue to work there until May, 2017.

Now that is the end of fall semester, we have to present an interim report of what we have done that so far and what we are planning to do as we are doing this for college credits. For these first 3 months we were able to touch on Non - Standard time and one more project that another group is working on. So, my sister and I have to do a paper on Non-Standard time. I have attached what we written so far that your writers should read in order to better understand the issue so they can do a good research.

I have also included 2 resources from Toys R Us: Their daily non standard excel sheet- the writer should focus on evaluating weeks like week 36, week 34 as those show the variations between expected hours and actual hours spent on various things such as the longevity of meetings, training, special projects, housekeeping department and such...

I have also attached their Lean Problem Solving tool set as they are hard on implementing Lean Methodology. When your writers read what we have written so far, they will understand that the company has a problem with Non-Standard which should only account for 5%. The company has been doing time-studies on their employees for many years and they know exactly how much time each tasks takes to be completed so they have a Standard time for each activity. However, accidents happen and those can't be calculated because we don't know how often they happen, workers may be late to work, they might slip and fall so those unexpected activities account for Non-Standard which should only be 5% of total time but it is much more especially in those areas on the Excel sheet. Our task is to help the company reduce Non-Standard time by implementing lean methodology and proposing new solutions such as group training, or whatever we think can help. Please let me know if additional instructions are needed as it is very important that the writers completely understand the issue so we can have a good paper as we are going to be graded by the professor and by the representatives from Toys R Us too.

Attachment:- Attachments.rar

Reference no: EM131291537

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