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Question: Review the following statements for logical fallacies, identifying and explaining the fallacy in each:

1. All people from the north look down on southerners as inbred, illiterate folks who say "you'll". Never say "you'll" with a southern drawl and you will not be looked down upon by a northerner.

2. Many students should not use certain useless websites for their sources, such as Wikipedia.

3. Many students, by the time they reach college, know how to read and write. Therefore, there is no need to have classes designed for teaching literature and composition.

4. He should not have to go to jail because he broke his back and leg jumping from the second story of a building while trying to flee the scene of the crime.

5. Poverty causes young women to become strippers and prostitutes.

6. Four out of five doctors claim that Trident gum will help whiten teeth.

7. Over the past few years, a number of Catholic priests have been accused of pedophilia. The Catholic Church has seen steady decline in their membership. The pedophile priests have caused this decline.

8. Binge eating and binge drinking are both addictive habits that cause harm, so they should both be illegal.

9. Prisons either need to release criminals who have been convicted of drug charges, or we will continue to see a rise in over-crowded prisons.

10. She uses a cane, so she must have foot problems.

11. Tom Paulin, a well-known poet, has been invited to speak to the poetry department at Harvard. I oppose this symposium because his anti-Semitic views have caused great controversy in the past.

12. Many listeners of rap music use the "n" word as do many of the rappers who make the music. This music instigates racial slurs and, therefore, should be banned.

Reference no: EM132184095

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