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Assessment Instructions:

Your task is to research the following topics then outline your findings in a report. Use the questions below as a guide to your research:

Question 1: What are the adequate response times for providing ICT services? (Word limit: 150 to 200 words)

Question 2: How can you analyse the role of stakeholders to determine the level of dependence they have on ICT infrastructure? (Word limit: 150 to 200 words)

Question 3: Select a range of (at least three) ICT devices and explain the capabilities of each. (Word limit: 200 to 250 words)

Question 4: Select at least four of the current industry accepted hardware and software products, and research and evaluate each. (Word limit: 50 to 100 words)

Question 5: Describe the following equipment that is vital in supplying business critical services: (Word limit: 100 to 150 words for each point)
a. Internet file transaction security for client accounts
b. Web server for e-business

Question 6: Describe at least one of the quality assurance practices conducted relating to supplied service and service level agreements (SLAs). (Word limit: 400 to 500 words)

Question 7: What information will you need to obtain so that you can analyse the role of ICT in a client's business domain? (Word limit: 150 to 200 words)

Question 8: Briefly describe the server types required to provide: (Word limit: 50 to 100 words for each point)
a. Application
b. Backup
c. Email
d. Firewall
e. Proxy
f. Web

Practical Activity

You work as an IT Support officer for ECA IT and your task for this assessment is to establish and maintain client support for hardware and software to achieve the Design Excellence target.

For this task you are to complete the follow steps to establish and maintain client user liaison. Complete the following steps within the ICT environment mentioned in the above scenario:

Task 1 Identify, and accurately record, the information communications technology used within the
organisational unit, and the role of ICT within the client's business domain

Task 2 Identify the stakeholders of the system. Record the stakeholders identified.

Task 3 Identify the organisational structure, culture and politics related to the support requirements. Document this information.

Task 4 Determine, and record, the level of support required by each organisational unit

Task 5 Using the information obtained, document, in detail, the areas related to the organisation's services, and the ICT system functionality that is required to supply the essential and desirable services to the organisation

Develop the support procedures for each of the different ICT environments through completion of the following actions:

Task 6 As required, contact the organisational units to verify the support needs. Document any verification required.

Task 7 Establish and document the procedures or service level agreement (SLA) for providing the required support, including the method of contact, as well as the frequency of meetings and reporting,

The following is a sample of the table of content of the SLA. Include a similar Table of Content in your SLA.

Assign the support personnel through completion of the following steps on each occasion for each of the ICT environments:

Task 8 Identify and accurately document the ICT skills required to assist each organisational unit with the support activities

Task 9 Assign the personnel, according to human resource processes, and verify their availability. Record the personnel assigned.

Task 10 Provide support, using the agreed procedures. Accurately record the support provided.

Task 11 On a regular basis throughout the provision of support, obtain feedback from the appropriate persons about the client user liaison. Document all feedback obtained.

Knowledge Test (UKT) - Questions

Writer short answers for all the following questions. (Word limit: 50 to 80 words for each question)

Question 1: Outline the task which should be conducted to identify and record the information communications technology which is used within an organisational unit

Question 2: What information will you need to identify, related to the support requirements, to establish client user liaison?

Question 3: Outline the range of factors to consider when assessing the service level that will be required by each organisational unit

Question 4: What are the factors to assess when contacting organisational units to verify their support needs?

Question 5: What are the three things to include when establishing the procedures for providing the support required?

Question 6: What information would be included in the documented procedures or SLA?

Question 7: What information will you need to assess about organisational units to identify the ICT skills required to assist them with support activities?

Question 8: What is the process to be used for assigning personnel? Question 9: How might you confirm the availability to selected personnel?

Question 10: Explain three types of support you might provide, using agreed procedures

Question 11: Who are the persons appropriate for you to obtain feedback from on a regular basis?

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    How are you. Please see the attach file of my assignment. Please check the spelling and do all the parts properly, if you have confusion just let me know straight away! So basically in this Assignments you have to do 3 tasks: Task 1: Written Activity (5-6 Questions Answers I think) Tast 2: Practical Activity Task 3: Questions Answer (At the End of the Assignments)

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    This is an individual assessment. To make full and satisfactory responses you should consult a range of learning resources, other information such as handouts and textbooks, learners’ resources and slides. All questions must be answered in order to gain competency for this assessment. You may attach a separate sheet if required. You must staple the loose sheets together along with the cover page. You must attach the loose sheets chronologically as per the page numbers. Correction fluid and tape are not permitted. Please do any corrections by striking through the incorrect words with one or two lines and rewriting the correct words.

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    Please make sure the student has completed the necessary prior learning before attempting this assessment. Please make sure you as a trainer/assessor have clearly explained the assessment process and tasks to be completed. Please make sure the student understands what evidence is required to be collected and how. Please make sure the student knows their rights and the Complaints and Appeal process. Please make sure the student has discussed any special needs or reasonable adjustments to be considered during the assessment (refer to the Reasonable Adjustments Strategy Matrix).

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    Please ensure that your student must have all the required resources needed to complete this Unit Assessment Task (UAT). (Refer to Training and assessment resources for more information). Due date of this assessment task is according to the timetable. In exceptional (compelling and compassionate) circumstances, an extension to submit an assessment can be granted by the trainer/assessor. Evidence of the compelling and compassionate circumstances must be provided together with the request for extension to submit the assessment work. Request for an extension to submit assessment work must be made before the due date of this assessment task.

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    You are required to fill out this “assessment plan” outcome records in the assessment pack, when: • The student has completed and submitted all requirements for the assessment tasks for this cluster or unit of competency. • The student’s work has been reviewed and assessed by you. • You have recorded a satisfactory/unsatisfactory result for each assessment task within each unit of competency. • Relevant and detailed feedback has been provided to Student.

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