Identify the pros and cons of implementing a cloud computing

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The purpose of the Project is to identify the pros and cons of implementing a cloud computing solution for a midsize business. 

Project Overview 

LT Solution, Inc. is a call center that provides service for 100 thousands regularly customer on average. The CIO, a recent Westwood graduate has envisions of taking this company to another level amongst their competitors. After a recent merger business has grown considerably expanding into many regional locations. LT Solution, Inc. provides their customers with tech support, on computers, tablets, PDAs, and applications. Since that time its mission has increased to working with very large enterprise companies. For LT Solution, Inc.’s customer service and network capabilities are essential in the ongoing process of business. There are approximately 500 current employees, with turnover of 28% across board on agents and 19% on all other employees. With the recent merge there are increased demands to a have the network capabilities and infrastructure that will put LT Solution, Inc. amongst the best when compared to their competitors. 

The CIO is requesting from this consulting team a project plan to deploy a cloud computing solution suitable for this national call center. The cloud computing solution is needed to deal with emerging business pressures faced by the firm. In detail the plan must provide the best connectivity between each site, online and real-time video conferencing, voice, data, and video. For all sites the network must be secure, scalable efficient and within budget. 

•Work sites 
Headquarters Boston Ma. 
Business office Denver Co. 
Data Center/Call Center Atlanta GA. 

•Storage Resources 6Terabits 
Headquarters – Web applications, Data Severs 
Business office –Web applications, Data Severs 
Data center/Call center –Web application Data Severs, Middleware 

•Software as Service 
Headquarters – CRM, SAP Business 
Business Office –Salesforce 
Data center/Call center Google Docs 

1.Write a five to seven page in APA format, double spaced, in 12 point font and with a 1” margin. Please make sure to properly cite all sources. Include the following: ?Executive Summary 

Executive summary highlights the benefits of cloud computing and the inherent challenges to a business. 

Company Description 
Mission statement 
IT demands 

Business Value of Cloud Computing 
Impact of Cloud computing on the business 

Technical Requirements 
Cloud Deployment Model 
Network Requirements 
Cloud Storage 
Automation and self-service in Cloud Computing 
Application Performance 
Data Integration 

Service Management 
Planning Service Strategy 
Cloud Service Operation 
Service Improvement with Cloud 

Identifying Risks and Consequences 
Organizational Risks 
Technical Risks 
Legal Risks 
Cost Risks 

2.Write a one page summary of how the knowledge of you obtained in this course can aid in your career choice. Include the advantages and disadvantages offered by cloud computing services and the skills that are needed to succeed in a technical career dealing with Cloud Computing that you have learned in this course. 

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Reference no: EM13754950

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